The largest worldwide computing society's Thapar chapter (ACM Thapar), which focuses on DSA, web development, app development bootcamps and has finished 9 projects in the past year alone.

Adventure Club

A club that provides a forum for adventure seekers and travellers, an escape from the everyday mundane lives, that opens doors to new experiences and broadening horizons which pushes people out of their comfort zone and helps them in becoming the best version of themselves.


AIChE Student Chapter, a subsidiary of the world's leading organisation for Chemical Engineering professionals spread over 100 countries, aids emerging engineers in enhancing their vision by connecting with people worldwide, improves interpersonal skills and offers opportunities and experience in core fields.


AIESEC in Patiala is a not for profit organisation which helps the youth unlock their leadership potential through unique experiences and challenges. Our main agenda is to carry out exchange programs that let participants intern or volunteer with our partner countries like Egypt, Turkey and Brazil where they get one-of-kind experience and activate the leader in them.


From ventilation in the tallest buildings to cooling the fastest engines, We at the American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers, TIET Chapter strive to create HVAC innovative solutions


Not your ordinary tech society. We organize hackathons, cryptic hunts, gaming nights with a touch our very own GenZ aesthetic. Chill, Vibe and grow with us and with everyone in this community.


Creative Computing Society is a group of technophiles constantly working towards building their skill set in the fields of development, designing and competitive programming, promoting a healthy technical environment at TIET.


Echoes is the official student broadcast media and journalism club of TIET. We publish the official student editorial, organize on-ground coverage of the ongoings around the campus, editorials and provide a platform to students to diversify their creative minds and dynamic personalities on campus through lens, pen and everything in between.


A club that transpires to extend financial wisdom and furnish plethora of opportunities, aiming to impart an insight on stock markets, auctions and immeasurably more through thrilling events and fests.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell is a non-profit organization built on idea of "Ideate, Ascend, Lead." EDC promotes entrepreneurship among young minds, values unconventional thinking, and assists individuals in becoming entrepreneurial leaders.

Enactus Thapar

Enactus Thapar being the epitome of social entrepreneurship solves real-life problems while fabricating commerce. We’ve proven our work by finishing as the best 20 at Enactus Nationals, beating 150+ others.


FAPS is a vibrant society that unites the diverse talents in the campus, providing a creative space for collaboration, expression, learning and blending together to form a distinct artistry of its own.


Girl Up TIET is a United Nations Foundation initiative working across a global community to achieve gender equality worldwide by means of various awareness campaigns and fun events.

Google DSC

The Google Developer Student Club at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology is a community where students can grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and put theory to practise by building projects that solve community problems.


IETE Students' Forum, TIET is the official student chapter of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers at Thapar University. It promotes exploration among students and enhancing ones intangibles along with their technical skills. The Forum conducts regular workshops, events and competitions for its Members and fosters the message of "learning by doing" at Thapar University.


IIChE is one of the most active societies imparting knowledge about chemistry and technology involved in the science of chemistry. We believe to promote the advancement of chemical engineering science and draw up a code of ethics in the profession. We want to act as an authoritative body on matters or training to the teaching and the profession of chemical engineering.


ISTE is the leading national non-profit organization devoted to the overall development of our Technical Education System. We, at ISTE, contribute to the production of top-quality professional engineers by organizing workshops and events for the students to hone their skills. Some of our leading events include Colloquium, hackathons and several technical workshops.


LEAD is a multidisciplinary society at TIET. We aim to spread our collective learning mission and enhance professional and intellectual abilities through regular workshops and exceptional events.

Literary Society

Thapar Literary Society is about all things literature. Eight sub-societies make us: Muse(English Book Club), Anubhooti(Hindi Literature), Punjabi Sahitya Sabha(Punjabi Literature), Debating Society, Thapar Quizzing Club, Theater Society, Poetry Society and Cineastes(Cinema Society).


LUG is a project-based society which takes on the problems faced in the real world and builds solutions to tackle them. It is focused on upskilling its members and guiding them towards a better future in tech.


To enrich your financial proficiency, finesse your investment aptitude, the marketing, finance and investment society, MARKFIN glistens as the ultimate flag-bearer. Hone your skills and bask under the wisdom of your seniors.


Microsoft Learn Student Chapter is a technical society that aims to bring all tech enthusiasts under one roof to innovate and create. Through regular interactions, CP contests, hackathons, and events on a global level, our community commits to strengthening the coding culture & ensuring the growth of every member.


Mudra society enhances the extra-curricular skills of students in the area of Music, dance and Dramatics and develops managerial prowess contributing towards their overall personality. It organizes several momentous events such as MudraNite, Izhaar etc.


Thapar MUN Society has been providing an enriching experience of superlative debate and dialogue for over twelve years now. Delegates from all over the country and abroad engage in the collaborative process of deliberation, problem-solving and consensus-building at our conferences.


Set in 2007, NOX is a creative western dance society of Thapar. We have come a long way from competing in Saturnalia to winning PECfest, BITS, Mood Indigo and Zietgiest (IIT Ropar) to name a few. Innumerable achievements and even more unforgettable memories have only made us keen to learn, grow and expand the horizon of new possibilities. We aim to inspire, empower and celebrate all those who want to express themselves through a universal language of dance.


OWASP Thapar student chapter is the Thapar division of the US HQ'd nonprofit, OWASP Foundation. We are a group of like-minded individuals passionate about tech, design & everything in between with the vision of collective growth & holistic development of everyone who is associated with us.


In the ongoing era, our fragile earth needs acute attention for its prevalence. Paryavaran Welfare Society endeavors to maintain biodiversity and conserve energy resources, along with overseeing the issues related to living beings in our surroundings. While others are still scuffling with technology for space excavations, not bothering much about the planet's quality, we along with that are doing our little bit to make it more habitable by increasing awareness through our events.


Pratigya has vision of empowering underprivileged children and educating them while enriching their personalities. During pandemic, our team smoothly guided students online. Pratigya hopes to make society a better place.

Robotics Club

MARS is solely dedicated to imparting technical acumen by fostering and contributing notably to the ever-flourishing community of robotics through organization and participation in innumerable fests and events.

Rotaract Club

Rotaract is an International Organisation recognized by prestigious institutions. Rotaract is not only limited to social welfare. Instead, domains including vocational skills, soft skills, marketing, and finance skills are all tangible in this club. Each member gets an opportunity to lead and coordinate projects and is awarded resume-worthy certificates for their work. We are not just a club; we're a family working to contribute our bit and make a positive difference in our society.


Student Alumni Interaction Cell continuously offers to strengthen the relations of the alumni of this Institute and their alma mater. The organization's ultimate goal is to give young, developing brains an opportunity to invest in their futures, running with the purpose of creating a vibrant student-alumni community dedicated to forging connections and deepening links between the students and the alumni.


Thapar Amateur Astronomy Society is Thapar's sole astronomy and science organization. We foster nerds, hosting everything ranging from astronomy excursions to group discussions about fascinating theories, and beyond.

Team Ultron

With the motto of “NO ROADS, NO PROBLEM”, we at Team Ultron Motorsports design and fabricate All Terrain Vehicles to participate and excel in various offroading competitions across India.


Thapar Food Festival is one of the most magnificent and pompous fests at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. The festival offers its diverse and humongous crowd a variety of appetizing and mouth-watering delicacies, marking its gigantic prosperity each time. The motive is to bring to light, the cuisines which are visually appealing and exquisitely flavored.


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Thapar Movie Club aims at nurturing budding content creators and filmmakers by teaching and indulging them into creative and thought-provoking challenges faced in the field of cinema and the world of filmography.


Thapar Nautanki Team, often (and rightfully) abbreviated as TNT, is a group of students from across years who believe in change. Using their love for the performing arts and determination they present and spread awareness on a myriad of social issues through a “Nautanki” or a “Nukkad Natak”.




Through a variety of Events, Workshops, Site Visits, Guest Lectures, and Seminars, the Thapar Society of Civil Engineers (TSCE) provides a platform for budding engineers to develop their talents and learn the fundamentals of civil engineering in-depth.


VIRSA-the essence of Punjab, TIET’s exclusive Punjabi cultural society, perpetuating and ennobling the rich heritage of Punjab all round. Virsa instils the opportunity to explore new boundaries, forte the adroitness and versatile spectrum for growth.